Testimonials and Recommendations

"Charlotte helped me with the process of reflecting on what I should do with my career plans after I was made redundant.

At a stressful time, made more so as I had to bring my family back to London from New York where I had been based, Charlie offered a calm, objective and knowledgeable approach. She was a voice not only of reason but also empathy. This was extremely helpful.

Her counsel allowed me to first think clearly but also think differently. I soon had a feeling that my new situation, if properly managed, was an opportunity.

With a fresh and clearer perspective, I then completed Charlie's book, What To Do Next, which offers a logical and clear step by step means of analysing your skillsets, what you are best equipped to do and then allows you to reach some conclusions. This allowed me to build a sensible foundation for my next steps.

Because of her engaged, involved and helpful input linked to the practical steps that her book allows I was able to land a new role in a relevant and vibrant sector of digital media which has left me far better equipped to remain and progress in the communications business.

I could not have done it without her."

Alex, CEO

"Charlie is smart, insightful, intuitive and compassionate. She cares about what she does and takes the time to understand the motivations and aspirations of her clients. In my case, she worked through a number of potential scenarios, backed up with interviews and psychometric testing.

The outcome was far greater clarity on the types of role for which I was most suited and a much better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. It took time for the right opportunity to present itself, but it has now and her advice has proved to be absolutely on the money.

I really recommend Charlie to anyone who is unsure as to the direction their career is taking, or simply who needs some clear, objective, informed advice about how to move forward. She does not spout jargon or talk in management-speak. Her advice is simple, practical, thoughtful and human."

David J

"Charlotte is a professional, intelligent and capable recruiter and career counsellor. I worked with her for over 4 years and was extremely impressed with her client and candidate relationships, her professionalism and dedication to helping people in their careers and job searches. She is also a delight to work with - approachable, giving and team oriented; I can't recommend her highly enough." 

Amy R 

"I was fortunate enough to work with Charlie for four years. Charlie built strong, long term relationships with her clients who trusted her implicitly. Servicing her clients with both their recruitment and consulting needs, Charlie became an extension to many HR departments. Her professionalism, work ethic and commitment are beautifully complemented by a warm, genuinely caring and personable approach." 

Shay P

"Charlie is a fantastic career counsellor and recruiter with true empathy, and always completely professional. I have worked alongside her for many years and seen her clients turn their professional lives around. Charlie is structured, passionate and extremely hard-working - a safe bet."

Rosa V

"Passionate. Inspiring. Entrepreneurial. Professional.  Not just words, but a reflection of the drive and energy that Charlie has brought to my job search.  My decision to enlist Charlie's expert counsel was something I viewed as an investment in myself and a decision that I know will pay dividends well into the future.  Thank you, Charlie, for guiding me on this journey and helping me create the right formula for sustained fulfillment in my career."


"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for taking so much time out of your morning to chat today. I found it really helpful and shall be following up on all the points you mentioned.  Great to also hear about your new business venture - you are so good at what you do and are certain to be really successful."

John W

Charlie is an inspirational coach. Her blend of intuition, support, listening skills and empathy combined with a well-planned methodical and analytical process led me to understand what I?m good at and what my next career path could be. I cannot praise her highly enough. .”