Mum Returners

Do you feel everyone and everything comes before you - partner, children, running the household?....what do YOU want?

Returning back to the workplace after just 2 weeks holiday is hard enough so it is understandable that Mums find it a daunting experience returning to work after some significant time, particularly as they have had a life changing experience whilst they were away and often return different people.

Uncertainty, fear, guilt, apprehension, trepidation, anxiety and self doubt as well as expectation and excitement are just a few of the feelings that can come into play.

Mums are not always aware of how much they have to offer but they have so many transferable skills - multitasking, negotiating, organising, communicating, working under pressure, working with others - the list goes on.

Mums are some of the best employees that businesses could employ: efficient, speedy, tenacious, dedicated, hardworking, responsible, able to think outside of the box and more.

So if you are looking to return to the job market or set up on your own, whether it has been a long or short break, we can help, direct, inspire and assist you. It is important to do something that you enjoy and which not only fits in with your life but also matches your skills, strengths and motivators...... if you are doing so success will follow....